have browser, will travel

There's been more mention of weblogs on non-weblog sites lately. Here's an article that says portals are on the way out and weblogs are on the way in... partially because the web is growing so fast the search engines haven't been able to keep up. Another article, also worth a read.

I think there's a place for portals and weblogs, but the key to any long term two-way communication project is to maintain a high level of trust with your readership. I'm not sure the goals of the portal players are totally trustworthy... not to say they are inherintly bad either, but many are (understandably) only interested in the bottom-line.

New weblog: Kikaze.... the design reminds me of the ANSI-BBS scene for some reason. I can't read the orange (pink?) links on the brown background, unfortunately. (it probably looks better on lower gamma than my PC monitor is set to) Still, the content looks very good, so I'll grin and bear it! :-)

Eatonweb enticed me to visit saturn.org again. I liked it!

Here's another interesting weblog I hadn't seen until today: Rebecca's Pocket. I found lots of good links there...

...like: The Hunger Site: please go to this site RIGHT NOW and click the "Donate Free Food" button. Seriously, do it.

Written on July 19, 1999