have browser, will travel

Late evening update:

I'm going through my history file, as promised... here's what I found of interest:

MacAMP is back at http://www.macamp.net/. I'd love to know why they aren't at http://www.macamp.com/ anymore. On Saturday (July 17th) they will be releasing the preview edition of MacAMP 1.0.

If you can't wait, check out Casady& Greene's new MP3 player (and encoder), SoundJam MP. From their site, it looks like a really cool player. It's definitely good for users that there is competition in this area.

Question: do you use Default Folder? I'm thinking of using it, because a friend raves about it... any bad experiences? My PowerBook is working flawlessly right now...

I'm sure anyone who cares has already heard that Apple's quarterly results were very positive again. Their stock dropped today though. I've heard two good reasons why... 1) Their revenue was $1.56B, less than the $1.6B estimated. 2) Companies are now giving PCs away with internet access, and others are selling $200 BeOS boxes (sans monitors, mind you)... it will probably be difficult if not impossible for Apple to do something similar. In the end, Apple will need to rely on its brand and industry leading design to make it.

Written on July 15, 1999