have browser, will travel

I forgot to mention that when I took the picture on top of Mount Douglas,the wind was just blowing like mad. It had to be at least 60-70 km/h...I had trouble just keeping the tripod steady!

I'm probably going to be making some more panoramas in the next coupleof days, since I'm having a lot of fun with it right now. See yesterday's log for my first one, a view from a local mountain-top. Update:I've finished another one. This QTVR panorama takes you to the room that this site is created in. My office in the basement. It's a real mess, because I just moved down here from upstairs, and I'm too busy to clean things up. Actually, it's organized chaos! ;-) Yes, the walls are the colour you think they are, and yes, they were like that before I lived here!

Written on July 2, 1999